You have to finish complex IT projects and obstacles are piling up? Challenge accepted.

How do successfully completed IT projects usually feel? Painful, at first.

Rarely would anyone change an existing situation unless, they are under pressure. So, pressure there is. And with the pressure comes the pain, IT projects to ease it, followed by the pain of change once the projects are finished. This pain is inevitable, but it subsides over time and turns into health and strength. It’s part of project management to manage expectations and make sure the pain is bearable.

The shortcut outsmarts the extra mile. Therefore, we always strive for a lean setup, leading to early and visible results. If an agile approach is possible, great. If not, there are many more methods in our toolbox. Last but not least, it should be fun. Most of the time.

we love what we do what we love

Project Management

We manage IT projects, change and digital transformation projects with passion and precision.

Consulting and Training

Over 30 years of experience and hundreds of projects have taught us what works and what doesn’t.


Always curious and fascinated by ideas and people, we support the best combinations of both.

Gerhard Trittenwein, IT project management, consulting and training

Gerhard Trittenwein

Relentless worker with high quality standards and a strong background in technology and marketing. Has worked at and for many high performing companies. Loves the Analogue and is fascinated by the Digital. Hopeless optimist and humanist, always trying to reach the finish line on time and in scope.

Dagmar Trittenwein, project management, finance, and controlling

Dagmar Trittenwein

Sharp analyst and quick thinker with a solid background in finance. Has worked in various roles in both the finance and software development industries for over 25 years. Loves the truth and is not afraid to speak it. Always willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, and to protect her loved ones.

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